About Terry

Terrence Reynolds, P.E.

(Terrence) Terry Reynolds has over 15 years of experience in the civil engineering industry. Terry established T Reynolds Engineering in 2006 providing engineering services from residential septic systems to large scale developments.

Born and raised in the Pioneer Valley, Terry knows the area and its engineering and site design requirements. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts engineering program, Terry holds a bachelor of science in civil and environmental engineering and a master of science in environmental engineering. He has spent most recent years working as a consultant for local engineering and land design firms as well as individual commercial and residential clients.

Terry has an extensive history in the Valley and works with other engineers, surveyors, land developers, contractors, real estate agents, and a variety of environmental services professionals to provide a full line of services to his clients.

Mission and Values

The mission of T Reynolds Engineering is to assist clients in

developing practical, cost effective projects that minimize

environmental impacts while providing innovative design

solutions tailored to specific project needs.

As sole proprietor of the firm, Terry is committed to providing

engineering services that help clients meet the demands of

a variety of projects. Terry values his client relationships and

delivers client satisfaction and by prioritizing:

·  Affordable services on time and on budget,

·  Practical designs intended to meet permitting requirements that are easily maintained,

·  Prompt response to client needs and requests,

·  Personal and professional accountability with every project

 As a member of the community in which he works, Terry takes seriously the environmental impact of the projects he oversees. He works hard to ensure that all his work meets regulatory requirements and is designed in a cost effective, environmentally sustainable manner.

152 Maplewood Terrace

Florence, MA 01062

Phone: 413-387-8078

Fax: 413-727-3477

E-mail: terry@treynoldsengineering.com


152 MAPLEWOOD TERRACE, FLORENCE, MA 01062 | PHONE: 413-387-8078 | FAX: 413-727-3477

terry@treynoldsengineering.com | www.treynoldsengineering.com